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 ZHENGZHOU HUAXIN REFRACTORY MATERIAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD.was founded in 1986.Through over 20 years' development and expansion, now it has become a large integrated enterprise group,including design-production-construction-repair,full set of service.
It locates in China Zu——Xuan Yuan the yellow emperor Henan province new dense city boundary of native place , the 40 distance ghengzhou kilometer of provincial capital, 38 Zhengzhou international airport kilometer, the company's railway platform and capital for special purpose are broad , long sea two big trunk railway join , realize the mutual vehicle of supply and demand of straight line.
   Company is from the trade people persons more tban 650 , in which in high grade professionM technical people take 25%, in year, productivity reachhs eighty thousands tons, have two fire resistant protection. Possess major production, experiment, detection equipment 800(cover), in which, include the two( 158 metres grow and 146 metres grow) tunnel kilns of high temperature and the( 1650℃) fuel of high temperature of 3 lO cubic rices shuttle type kiln , a superhigh temperature( 1760℃) fuel drawer' kiln the press of, various models as well as electronic burden systematic and advanced detection , the supplemental equipment of packing.
  Company's major product has the aluminum series of silicic acid( the top brick, clay brick and high aluminum low creep of electric stove brick and bigh lotus soft Lin sour salt brick and silicon brick etc.); Founding corundum series( ZrO 233 ~ the oxidize law of 41% and restore law founding product); Basicity series( magnesium quality , magnesium chromium quality , half combine magnesium chromium brick, magnesium sharp spar brick and magnesium olive stone brick etc. again); Special product( sintering corundum, flower stone come to stone, chromium corundum and silicon llne stone brick etc. not): Casting series( clay big brick , the tin brick of bottom land , silicon line stone brick ere.) and excellent light quality insulation brick , ceramsite sand and various do not finalize the design of fire resistant material. Serve mainly build material and metallurgy, colored, power , stone melt , ceramsite , mechanical casting, petroleum etc. profession, can satisfy the use of the various kiln stoves of high temperature to ask , 29 product good selling nation wide province city autonomy districts sell area and the Russian, German, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malaysian country of America, Japan.
   Amass the culture of Central Plains with deep sliM]ow lake, cast Hua xin person "Cbeng Xin , Wu shi , Gao Xiao , Chuang Xin" Jing trade vigour; The thick love of the guest friend of the whole world, encourage tlua xin person present with the most excellent product and the most excellent service human progressive cause hold pursue.
  We are willing to carry hand with you to build the beautiful tomorrow or lbo industrial develop- ment of high temperature together.