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State Department: to ensure the realization of "five" emission reduction targets

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Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting to further intensify its efforts to ensure the deployment of achieving "five" emission reduction targets

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council on the 28th executive meeting to further intensify its efforts to ensure the deployment of achieving "five" emission reduction targets.

It was noted that the "Eleventh Five-Year" four years ago, after all localities and departments to work together, have made important progress in energy conservation, the national total energy consumption per unit of GDP fell 14.38%, but the "Eleventh Five-Year" lower about 20% there is still a wide gap, especially since the third quarter of last year, high energy consumption, high emission industries rapid growth, some elimination of backward production capacity revived, even a slow decrease energy intensity by a fall to rise, energy-saving emission reduction situation is very grim.

The meeting stressed that to achieve "five" emission reduction targets that the Government made the solemn commitment of people throughout the country this year is the year of decisive, now only eight months, and all areas and departments to further enhance the sense of urgency, responsibility, to take strong, effective measures to ensure that goal. First, we must increase the degree of elimination of backward production capacity in 2010, shutting down small thermal power 10 million kilowatts, eliminate backward production capacity 25 million tons iron, steel 6,000,000 tons, 50 million tons of cement, electrolytic aluminum and 330,000 tons, 6 million weight boxes of flat glass , paper 530 thousand tons. For failure to complete the task of eliminating backward production capacity of the area, suspending the EIA for the land, approval and approval; on the unfinished task of the enterprise will not be approved and approval of new investment projects, not to approve new sites and strengthen law enforcement efforts to punish . Second, we must strictly control high energy consumption, the excessive growth of high-emission industries, not for approval, approval, filing capacity expansion project, did not pass, energy efficiency and land pre-trial review of the project will be allowed to start construction. Implement the restriction of "two high" export policies to control the "two high" exports. Third, we must accelerate the implementation of key energy saving projects. Centralized 83.3 billion yuan to support the ten major energy conservation and pollution control and other construction projects. Special funds for regional energy saving energy saving to be able to direct the formation of tilt capability of the project. Fourth, we should deepen the reform of energy prices, strengthen the use of energy management. Implementation of residential electricity price ladder. Compression of high energy consumption, high emission power companies. Canceled in some areas, the price of high energy-consuming enterprises preferential policies, strict implementation of the high difference in price. Fifth, we must strengthen the management of key energy using units. Give prominence to 1000 enterprises energy saving action to ensure the formation of energy-saving capacity of 20 million tons of standard coal. 5,000 tons of standard coal in energy consumption to strengthen over key energy saving control unit. 6 should be placed on construction, transportation, public bodies and other key areas of energy conservation. By the end of 2010, new buildings cities and towns the proportion of the implementation of mandatory standards for energy efficiency more than 95% of passenger loading rates less than 70% of the lines may not put new capacity in 2010, public sector energy consumption reduction target of 5% over last year. 7 to vigorously promote energy efficient products. Continue to implement the "energy-saving products Waste Management Project", a comprehensive promotion of energy efficient air conditioning, energy efficient cars, energy-saving motors, to promote more than 150 million energy-saving lamps, eastern and central regions and cities in the western region, road conditions, public places, public institutions are out of Di efficient lighting products. 8 we must thoroughly investigate violations chaos on the project, a serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution behavior. Saving energy and national action in depth, promoting green consumption, moderate consumption.

The meeting called for all localities and departments should strengthen management and supervision and inspection, pay close attention to implementation. To strengthen the energy conservation target responsibility assessment, the evaluation results of the provincial government announced to the society, strict accountability, on the outstanding "five" objectives and tasks of the area, the central and local regulators should investigate the main leadership responsibilities, shall be punished according to circumstances.

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