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Mountain Steel Group plans to invest 300 million new starting point for the layout Zhoucun

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After spending huge sums to create sunshine fine steel base, the Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. Construction of refractory base shot again. Recently, Hill Steel Group will invest 300 million yuan in villages and towns established Zhoucun refractory base king, and the move marks a mountain of steel layout in industrial investment gain another victory.

Since the reorganization of Shandong since the implementation of large iron and steel, Hill never stopped the pace of investment in steel. Recently, the mountain from the mountain of steel refractory steel held the overall planning and setting annual output of 300,000 tons non-refractory items for discussion by experts at the meeting came news of Mountain Steel Group to determine the king of town to build Zhoucun District refractory base and formation of resistant material corporate headquarters. In this regard, Zibo investment department said that at present, refractory project feasibility report and preliminary design has been completed, power supply options have been identified. "Last Friday, Hill Steel Group, held high-level meeting has been agreed, now, is approved by the board of directors." A government official close to the project said.

It is reported that the total investment 300 million yuan, the main building of 100,000 tons non-burning production line 1, 100,000 tons of magnesia unshaped materials production line 1, 50,000 tons aluminosilicate materials are not setting a production line, 50,000 tons Stone crushing production line of coke 1. "Year of construction, the project put into production, annual sales income will reach 700 million yuan, profit of 140 million yuan."

It is understood that the mountain of steel now Boshan, Qingdao and other places have their own point of refractory material, "and the reason why steel mountain king of towns and villages in Zhoucun District refractory base refractories are mainly relying on local resources." King town area, said as the country hard refractory clinker production and sales base in the main focus of precious stones, Wang towns annual output of refractory materials and products, one million tons, is the town's leading industries and important financial resources.

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