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Refractories industry: seize the pace of integration of energy-saving opportunity to closely

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Refractory major downstream sub-sector for the steel industry, according to industry statistics world application of refractories, refractories for steel smelting 70%, 17% used in building material industry, chemical industry use of 4%, 3% used non-ferrous metals industry. Consumption of refractories for iron and steel industry in China 65%, cement 10%, and other significant difference.

Refractory downstream demand. Iron and steel industry in 2010 is expected to demand 12.49 million tons, the glass industry demand in 2010 is expected to cast cast cast aluminum with high-grade zirconia is 6752 tons, 71,504 tons. In addition, nonferrous metals, cement also maintained a stable demand. Upstream raw material supply.

China's refractory industry maintained a rapid growth basically maintained a growth rate of more than 20% (8% in 2008), 2009 annual growth rate of 33%. At present, production and sales of refractories refractories has remained the world's first. In 2007, refractories production in China has more than 50% of total world refractories, the annual sales income is above 100 billion yuan, total profit of 8.0 billion break.

Refractories industry "two high" proportion of the costs of raw materials accounted for more than 50%. Gross margin as high as 30%, far higher than the manufacturing enterprise. Mainly due to refractory industry has a relatively high technical requirements and downstream enterprises need to ensure a stable quality assured refractory to ensure the sustainability of their production, stability and security. Therefore, the four listed companies for its technology-based high-tech and R & D ability to win.

Industry Trends 12: Refractories for the inevitable trend of industry consolidation mergers. Is mainly upstream integration and industry consolidation. First, companies within the industry motivation in order to avoid fluctuations in gross margins, second, as downstream industry consolidation triggered by the current company's integration of a large number of refractory industry, the downstream needs of large enterprises to provide better large advantage Refractories Refractories and services, listed companies integration will occur in the customer's own resources or have refractory enterprises.

Three industry trends: As the energy needs of high-grade refractory material used to replace the current trend of low-grade refractory materials significant to the industry technology is good, good product excellent business.

Four industry trends: the overall contracting trends in the field of steel production significantly. Replacement of refractory high frequency, if a professional company to provide appropriate services, steel production is a strong guarantee. Steel industry consolidation will strengthen the Group's management, contribute to its overall contract cost.

Industry Trends 5: to expand the overseas market, the pursuit of further development. The current best-resistant Pu, overseas sales accounted for 20%.

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