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3 large projects focus on new energy started to lead industry transformation Gongyi

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Gongyi City, an accurate grasp of industry trends, through increased project to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, accelerate the development mode. Today, the annual output of 100 MW of crystalline silicon solar cells and other three a total investment of 1.35 billion yuan in major projects focused on start, also marks the way of economic development of Gongyi City, by file and then speed, diverted to the development of "fast track."

Gongyi City is a hundred counties, aluminum, refractory materials, machinery and other traditional industries accounted for a greater share of economic output. Adjust the structure, promoting transformation, the upgrading and accelerate economic development mode is always the top priority of the overall work. Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, Gongyi City Party Committee Secretary Li Kung said: "The Gongyi City adhere to project construction as the optimization of the structure, promoting development, enhancing stamina important carrier, through 'project on' activities, big projects, big projects, to project and promote adjustment, promote the development of the project, 加快 transform its economy. "This year the city Weirao national industrial policies, Anzhao agglomeration, circular economy and sustainable development principle, adheres to" a high rate of a four-Di "to encourage the development of products Qiye high technology and good market prospects advantage of the project.

Henan Yi Wei Xin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. hold the future development of solar energy product demand trends, investment 300 million yuan, annual output of 100 MW under construction crystalline silicon solar cell project. The project will add revenue for the company 1 billion yuan, profits of 120 million yuan. As the market focused on communications and industrial applications, rural electrification, remote areas, off-grid independent power generation applications in areas such as market prospects. Henan Guanghua Metal Products Co., Ltd. Special Steel Product annual 150,000 tons, total investment of 550 million yuan, the product will be used in building nuclear power plants can replace imported products and high added value. Prudential cable expansion project is China's high-speed rail travel, intercity rail, passenger rail line construction upsurge of "Express", a total investment of 500 million yuan, the project put into operation, can produce 100,000 tons steel strand, the new by 600 million yuan output value, profit is expected to add 50 million yuan and tax of 20 million yuan has been included in the transformation and upgrading of key projects across the province.

Gongyi new energy leading industrial transformation and upgrading, to refractory represented as adjust the structure of traditional industries, promoting transformation, the changing way of speeding up economic force. Geng Health International Limited is a family business manufacturing refractory products, production of ultra-fine powder product can be used as cutting ductile materials silicon solar products, polished diamonds, particles only 10 microns in diameter than human hair, per ton price of 34 million, three times higher than traditional refractory profit more. Mastery Central Plains also refractory enterprises, due to the use of advanced production technology, imported from Germany, 150 m long rotary kiln, solve the traditional production of refractory dust pollution, output reached 3,320 tons in April, up 60%.

Scientific Development in Gongyi City, to policy guidance, park drive, technological innovation, boost the project to promote economic development mode. Also actively promote the economic structural adjustment, the adjustment in the development and adjustment in the development, growth pattern changes with good quality of growth has improved the level of development has been rapid upgrade. Currently, Gongyi City, the effectiveness of industrial economic restructuring previews: as of the end of April, the city-scale industrial enterprises was to increase the value of 7.07 billion yuan, up 23.1%, and since 2009 has maintained a continuous 17-month growth trend of monthly Tigao De a record high.

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