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Zhengzhou will implement "3566" Strategy 2015 "Three super-trillion"

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2015, Zhengzhou City, built up a modern industrial system, the sales revenue, total industrial investment, industrial clustering sales revenue, "the three super-trillion." Yesterday, reporters from Zhengzhou City Industry and Information Technology Committee was informed that the city adjust the structure of industrial economy, and promote a programmatic document transformation "of Zhengzhou City, the modern industrial system to speed up the implementation of view" (the comments) baked. Opinion that, in future years will be implemented in Zhengzhou City, "3566" development strategy, the proportion of high-tech industry and strive to reach 35%; resource-based industries dropped to below 30%, municipal finance will be arranged each year not less than one billion yuan of special funds to promote and guide. These figures, the reserves are unlimited business opportunities.

Strategic objectives

2015 "Three super-trillion"

The next 5 years, Zhengzhou City will implement "3566" development strategy, namely "Construction of three industrial system, the formation of five major industry segment, the implementation of six key projects to implement the six safeguards."

Three industrial system to develop strategies for supporting industries, accelerating the development of new industry development strategy, focusing on strengths to improve traditional industries.

New section five industrial sections of Zhengzhou, central city blocks, the western industrial development zone plate, Southwest Industrial Development Zone and the southern industrial development zone plate plate

Six key projects supported excellent and superior engineering, innovation projects, construction of industrial clustering, brand-building engineering, information engineering and eco-industrial projects.

6 safeguards organizations, land and capital, policy, investment, personnel security and development environment support.

Through the implementation of "3566" strategy, by 2015, sales revenue, total industrial investment, industrial concentration area sales "of three ultra-trillion" Fazhanmubiao, industrial growth Zhi further expand the scale Chanyejiegou Mingxian optimization, Fa Zhan model changes significantly, the city's industrial competitiveness has markedly increased.

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