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Jin Aluminium Refractories: muddy yard become treasure

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China's first use of the domestic production of alumina bauxite red mud discharged from fire-resistant insulation materials do; products mixed with red mud, fly ash content higher than 50%; the production process does not produce secondary pollution; to industrial sources, " waste "once again become a resource, so need to waste money dealing with a new economic growth point ... ... to achieve comprehensive utilization of red mud, solve world problems, Shanxi Aluminum Aluminum Group Refractories Co., Ltd. in the scientific development concept, go to the road to sustainable development has taken a welcome step.

Prospects find treasure

Production of alumina bauxite red mud is discharged from the process of industrial waste. For every 1 ton of alumina, red mud produced about 1.0 to 1.3 tons. According to statistics, in 2009 China produced 23.786 million tons of alumina, red mud produced nearly 30 million tons, accounting for about 1 / 3. The lack of red mud bulk of economically viable use of technology, the comprehensive utilization of red mud at a comparatively low level, only about 4%, far below the national industry average of 65% of solid waste utilization, resulting in a large number of red mud in China stockpiling . Currently, a large number of red mud in the world's major marine emissions and land-use approach to dispose of stockpiles, comprehensive utilization of red mud, the aluminum industry are likely to solve Paifang 所 red mud caused by the environmental hazards, and the increasingly critical of the Energy and Environment for the promotion of the sustainable development of China's aluminum industry is important, but the amount of higher alkali causes of red mud and its utilization to date is yet to overcome the global problem.

Away from the aluminum production plant in Shanxi about 7 km southwest of there resembles a "pyramid" of red mud dam, which is the Shanxi Branch of Al 2 soldier red mud, a total area of 2500 mu, 37 million tons of red mud has been piling up, a large number of stockpiles of long-term occupation of large areas of land of red mud, waste of resources and environmental pollution and safety problems. Along with the development of circular economy and the increasing emphasis on energy conservation and emission reduction, Zi Yuan in response to national construction and environment-friendly economy based social advocacy, Main Gezhonggaodang refractory products in the Refractories Co., Ltd. Shanxi Aluminum turning his sights Red Mud: Can substitute with red mud bauxite for the production of refractory materials insulation material, not only to protect mineral resources, also allows industrial industry's "waste" of resources once again, so need to waste money dealing with a new economic growth point to a scrap yard useless mud-rich treasure trove!

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