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Refractories industry face the new secret purification for Leap

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The new secret is a national production base of refractory, refractories has more than 300 enterprises, refractory material accounts for more than 25% of the country, refractories production is high investment, high energy consumption, high pollution and the extensive processing enterprises, completely out of it kinds of traditional and backward mode of production and facilities, is also a new direction for dense refractory enterprises.

October 2009, Hong Kong and China Gas Company's first investment in Henan Province officially opened the new gas project secret, the project completed in March this year, the Shanxi Coalbed Methane Co., Ltd. to provide ECO liquefied gas, by 260 km of road transport to the new LNG gasification station of Mississauga, very convenient, but also very stable. It allows the use of calcined refractory play a revolutionary role, will raise the temperature to 1800 ℃, produce better quality products. Not only improve the industrial competitiveness, improve the local environment, but also greatly reduce production costs.

The new Mayor Hsieh cream cloud density calculations: a medium-sized enterprises refractory, if the use of natural gas, than the original savings of 1 million yuan a year or so. Enterprise use of natural gas, the major pollutants of sulfur dioxide emissions will basically disappear, then, a refractory industry, the environmental revolution will benefit more than 70 million new secret people.

Since 2009, the new secret city closed all within the verge of bankruptcy, fire-resistant plants polluting, coal yard sales, out of the high energy consumption, high pollution coal-fired boilers more than 110. Xinmi Financial also arranges multi-million special funds, to guide the company invested 650 million yuan improve energy conservation facilities, and gradually form a market-oriented, government promotion, enterprise public participation in regulation pattern.

Zhendong companies to invest more than 1500 million refractories to optimize project put into operation in May last year, points to the existing coal-fired alternative transformation. Annual savings of more than 13,000 tons of coal. Invested more than 100 million units installed 8 pulse bag house equipment, so that part of the environment breaking smash a thorough improvement, but also on the original plant, roads and production facilities were standardized and updated, and built garden plant.

Enterprise development, treatment of employees is also rising. By Zhendong's case, more than 1,000 employees all accommodation, meals, hairdressing, physical examination free of charge, in 2009 the company employees free of charge for all four risk (unemployment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance and social pension insurance), all the costs incurred company commitment to formal workers than the state employees enjoy better living conditions.

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